My name is Carolyn Weber.  I am a believer, wife, mother, author and professor.  Late last century, I made a ginormous leap of faith, which is now detailed in my book, Surprised by Oxford.  I enjoyed my dream job for 15 years — teaching literature to undergraduates.  But last summer, I made another significant Leap with Faith.

This is my blog, a new medium I am still adjusting to. Most of what I write here falls under “Reading, Writing and Living the Eternal Word.” Representative subtopics may include spirituality, Biblical reflection, Christian conversion, poetry, Christianity in literature, faith in academia, theology, family and cultural engagement. To receive my newest posts, you can sign up for your preferred method of delivery on my subscribe page.


My husband Kent and I have the blessing of raising four young children, which we are really enjoying.  We are tag-team parents — i.e. at least one of us is always in the ring!  Our daughter, twin boys and newborn son keep us in constant motion and sleep deprived, but very happy and entertained.

Personally, I enjoy all forms of dance, long runs by any form of water, strong coffee in the morning, the company of good friends, and reading well into the night (usually sitting next to my husband, who is doing the same), when the world is quiet and still.

I have a particular heart for the student (at least those with their purest qualities, if not their actual stage in life):  the curious, the doubter, the skeptic, the restless, the wounded, the idealist in search of truth and beauty. One of the reasons must surely be that it was at university where I experienced my own spiritual transformation, pursued by the Author of Life and “loved into understanding.”

What I believe in can be roughly summarized by ancient creeds like the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed. During my believing life I have had the privilege of being a member or regular attender at great churches like St Ebbes Evangelical Anglican (Oxford), Capitol Hill Baptist (Washington DC), City Church (PCA, San Francisco), University Presbyterian (PCUSA, Seattle) and Montecito Covenant Church (Santa Barbara, CA) and Village Green Community Church (London, Ontario).

PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY (in the proverbial 3rd person : )

Carolyn Weber graduated summa cum laude from Huron College, University of Western Ontario, Canada. She was awarded the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship to study at Oxford University in England, where she completed her M.Phil and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Romantic Literature. Also at Oxford, she taught undergraduates and became the first female Dean of St. Peter’s College. Most recently, Dr Weber has been Associate Professor of Romantic Literature at Seattle University.  She has also taught as an Assistant professor at the University of San Francisco, and as a visiting professor at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA.

Her primary academic research interests have included the following:  theories of the soul and the relationship among art, religion and literature in 19th c. Britain and Europe; Orientalism; the Gothic; conversion and confessional narratives; spiritual autobiography; academia and parenting.



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3 Comments to “ABOUT”

Dear Carolyn,
My dear friends from my book group just left. We just finished discussing through chapter 26 of Surprised by Oxford, and I am just compelled to tell you, this small group of women is multiplying your readership! It was not long into your book that we realized we’d stumbled onto a most incredible read, and we’ve been telling our daughters and friends about it ever since!! It is one of those books I will read over and over again…there are so many profound nuggets, metaphors and paradoxes woven throughout! Your writing style is a compelling read, simply by virtue of its quality, to say nothing of the beautiful story of your conversion! At this point, I have yet to read about what happens with TDH, but your masterful use of foreshadowing gives me great hope!
Anyway, all that to say, we are a group of about 10 gals who became empty nesters within the last few years – we call ourselves HENS (Hopeful Empty Nesters!), and your book this summer has been a wonderful diversion from the heavier books we’ve tended toward…and yet, there’s so much to mine in your writing! We caught wind that you are teaching at Seattle University…we are from Spokane, and we would consider it a tremendous privilege to drive over to Seattle (for a field trip!!) and take you to lunch!! We’re just a little older, but we’re a lot of fun! We would love to steal some time with the author with whom we’ve spent our summer…and gee, if Rachel or Regina came along, we’d love to meet them too!
Anyway, long note, but I sure hope to hear from you. We have been blessed by your book more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for sharing your gift!!! I will be getting several more copies of your book to give as gifts!!


Dear Carolyn,
What a joy to read Surprised by Oxford. I could hardly
put it down. It was compelling on so many levels. First,
I loved seeing your conversion process written down. I have also been doing a study by Tim Keller called
The Reason for God, Conversations on Faith and Life.
Your book was a perfect companion to this study. Second, I am a hopeless romantic. I did something with your book that I don’t think I have ever done before. About three quarters of the way into the book, I skipped ahead to find out how it would turn out with TDH. I just
couldn’t take the suspense. This wasn’t fiction. It was real life. I wanted you and TDH to be together. God used
a theology man in my life too. I know what God can do
with theology men :) And thirdly, I’m an Anglophile through and through. In fact, we will be heading to Cambridge for a 6 month reasearch leave for my husband to work on a Biblical Commentary. We will also
do some traveling and will be in Oxford to attend the
C.S.Lewis conference there in July. As I read your book,
I marked all the streets and churches and colleges so I
can look for them when we are there. Thank you so much for writing your story and sharing it. It was such a
joy to see how God so graciously called you to Himself.
I hope to meet you someday. Actually, I hope to have you in our home for tea. I’m praying on the note.
Blessings, Pat

[…] Carolyn Weber is an author, speaker and professor. She has taught literature to undergraduates for 15 years, most recently as associate professor of Romantic Literature at Seattle University. As the Canadian Commonwealth scholar for literature, she completed her M.Phil and Doctoral degrees at Oxford University, and later served as the first female Dean of St. Peter’s College, Oxford. […]