A Valentine for My Love

By Carolyn Weber —  February 13, 2015 — 10 Comments

T’is the season of love, I am reminded as my children’s valentines to their classmates scatter our kitchen table. What a perfectly timed reprieve from winter’s chill Valentine’s Day is, too.

Rings Eternity

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Virtues of Booksellers

By Carolyn Weber —  January 20, 2015

In our increasingly digitalized world, we often overlook the bookseller. Folks who run bookstores with care and from passion are an increasing rare breed.

Bookseller Books

They should be cherished and supported, for there is so much they do beneath the surface of things to stoke the thoughtful flames of culture, and to keep us all connected across pages, years and minds.

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God is Such a Showoff: The Eagle and the Advent

By Carolyn Weber —  December 22, 2014

Eagle AdventDo you not know?

Have you not heard?

Funny how some of the most momentous things happen when you are doing the most mundane of tasks.

Where does the line blur between the moment and the momentous? When does one become the other? When does a moment become anointed?

How does it move from the near unconscious smooth assumption that one undertaking will follow another, to the arresting of time, space, thought, breath?

Trauma, impact, accident, cruelty, misfortune, all such things have this effect.

But wonder does too.

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In Remembrance of our Fathers

By Carolyn Weber —  November 4, 2014

Charles Drake

Charles Drake
1933 – 2014

Family, friends and those of you who have read my memoir Surprised by Oxford are aware that one of the primary reasons my husband and I relocated our family back to my hometown was to spend more time with my aging parents, and hopefully to share in God’s love back here.

We have been blessed with many precious memories indeed, and treasure God’s faithfulness. One of the ways in which my homecoming has been an immense blessing was in the deepening of my relationship with my father, Charles Drake. Over the last few years, my father’s own faith had blossomed and deepened. And then, beautifully this summer, surrounded by his grandchildren, my father declared his trust in our Lord, and his love for Christ.

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Spring At My Window

By Carolyn Weber —  June 11, 2014

Bird on Spring BranchThis past winter was very long for many reasons, few of which had to do with the weather. But the arrival of spring, like the rising of the sun, the unfurling of the seed, the need in us to love and be loved, never ceases to amazes me, and yes, does trump in the end, the cruelty, the suffering, the anguish of unanswered questions. We only see one side of the tapestry: the underside. And it is knotted and bumpy and frayed, faded in color and with a hint of design but none of the vibrancy of eternal perspective or the complete comprehension, let alone appreciation of, heaven-faced glory.

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